Activity Details

( 1 ) Overseas activities:

Demining and EOD in Cambodia

(a) EOD operations

At the beginning of June 2002, JMAS opened resident office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  After arrangement with the local government and CMAC, the organization in charge, we had decided effective working policy and action plan.

On July 1 2002, we carried out operating programmed in PreyVeng.

In June 2004, we extended action range to Kandal and SvayRieng other than PreyVeng.  In August 2006, we end the activities in PreyVeng and added Kampong Speu, Kampong Cham and so we conduct 4 states in total.    As of June 30,2010, the total number of disposed UXOs reached 203,223.

(b) Community Based Demining.

From June 2004, JMAS started pilot project, CBD.  We employ local peoples as demining personnel, gave them training for deminers.  The operation as trial ended successfully on 31 November 2004.

In May 2006, 3 platoons with a total of about 100 staffs started to develop actual demining project at Tasen commune.   As of June 30, 2010, the total area of mine removed land reached 2,137,523m2.

(c) Safety Village Construction (SVC).

Contracted with and sponsored by Komatsu Ltd., on 15th January, prepared machinery demining in June, and started CID project from 11th July in Sdau commune, Ratanak Mondol district, Battambang province and it has been developed to Safe Village Construction . As of June 30, 2010, the total area of mine removed land reached 1,153,697m2.

(d) Demining and Community Development

Community Based Demining in Tasen commune and Safe Village Construction on going in Traen commune has been integrated to Demining and Community Ddevelopment support project as called CMD. It has started on 15th July 2009.

(b) UXO demining in Lao PDR

In September 2005, we established Vientiane office. And in February 2006, we deployed UXO demining team with 163 personnel in Xieng Khouang.
As of June 30, 2010, the total number of disposed UXOs reached 57,705.
And, the total safety area of UXO removed land reached 20,286,398m2.

c. Demining in Afghanistan.

An office was established in Kabul to carry out demining activities from November 2006.  Then 8th October 2007, we moved office to Islamabad and deployed 2 teams of 58 members in Bagram, Parwan for demining.       As of June 30, 2010, the total area of mine removed land reached 622,754m2.

d. Demining and CD in Angola

Established Luanda representative office in 20 June 2008, and and started operational, mechanical training of demining machine for 6 weeks from 13th October. The project has started on 20th April 2009
in Mabubas, outskirt of Caxit City, Bengo Province. As of June 30, 2010, the total area of mine removed land reached 308,811m2.

e. Water service improvement project in Pakistan

Moving office to Islamabad, JMAS planned a NGO activity in Pakistan. Water service improvement project at Muree in Punjub province has started on 24th June. As of June 30, 2010, newly established 4 water tanks, repaired one old water tank and laid the water supply pipe in length of 9.1km.

f. DDR, operation named IOG: International Observer Group in Afghanistan

JMAS was entrusted with the DDR operation from the United Nation, from May 2004 through the end of June 2005 when it successfully

f. The others

(a)  Field Research in East Timor(7-14 April 2002)

(b)  Field Research in Sri Lanka ( 9-16 December 2002)

(c)  Joint Working Agreement concluded with JCCP ( 28 May 2003)

(d)  Join in Japan Platform ( 5 June 2003)

(e)  Participation in experts meeting relating to Iraq reconstruction ( 8 July 2003)

(f) Afghanistan DDG Training ( 12 August ? 15 November 2003)

(g) Cooperation with taking the remains of the war dead activity sponsored by The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor in Palau Islands ( 8-21 March 2004)

(h)  Afghanistan DDR/IOG activity ( May 2004 ? June 2005 )

(i)  Field Research demining project in Laos (May 2005 ~ )

(j)  Field Research in Sri Lanka (February 2006 )

(k)  Field Research in Vietnam (7~11 March, 2006 )

(l)   Field Research in Vietnam (21~29 January. 2007 ~ )

(m) Field Research activities in Africa (31 July, 2007~ 31 March, 2008)

(n)  Human Resource Development, entrusted by HPC, Peace-building Center in Hiroshima University.         (26 October, 2007~ 31 March, 2008)

(o)  Investigating in Vietnam (21~29 January, 2007)

(p)  African policy research project, in Mauritania & Angola. (7 January ~ 31 March, 2008)

(q)  Human Resource Development, entrusted by HPC,  (7 October, 2008~ 31 March, 2009)

(r) Surveying in Vietnam (15~21 March, 2009)

(s) Surveying in Sri Lanka (15~20 March, 2009)

(t) Surveying in Vietnam (8~12 December, 2009)

(2)   InlandHQ office Activities;a. Holding the Board of Directors Meeting for decision making of activity policy and leadership role to field activities.

b. Preparation the fund for action and remittance

c. Public relations activity
・ Public Relations to media about JMAS performance
・ Publicity by Web-site and with distributing Pamphlets.
・ Publication of “OYAJI’s International Contribution”.
・ Public Relations to display the photos and model kits in various exhibition events.

d. R&D about mine clearance industries , material and clearance methods

e. Inspection of administration on location (Especially in safety management and accounting matter)