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    privacy policy

    Certified Specified Nonprofit Organization The Association for Supporting Japan Mine Processing responds to the social demands for protection of personal information and provides personal information based on the following policy
    We will strive to protect personal information by appropriately acquiring, using, managing, preventing information leaks and others. Personal information for the purpose of coverage not covered by the Personal Information Protection Act will also be handled appropriately under the voluntary approach policy.

    About acquiring personal information

    After clarifying the purpose of use, we will acquire personal information by lawful and fair means only to the extent we need it.

    About the use of personal information

    For use purposes indicated when acquiring personal information, we will use it within the necessary range for business execution. In case of using outside purpose, we notify the person and obtain consent.

    About third-party provision of personal information

    We will not disclose and disclose personal information obtained to third parties without obtaining consent from the person except for exception clause prescribed in the Personal Information Protection Law, appropriately controlling the acquired information.

    Disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use of personal information

    When receiving an offer such as disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use etc. from the principal, the contact point corresponds, confirmation of the identity and predetermined investigation, and take necessary measures promptly .

    Regarding compliance with laws and regulations

    We will do our best to comply with the applicable laws and national guidelines concerning protection of personal information.