Name: The Certified Specific Non-Profit-Organization Japan Mine Action Service,(JMAS)

1. Outline

Address: 10F Kawachi Bldg., 3-8-10 Kudanminami, Chiyodau-ku Tokyo 102-0074 Japan
TEL: (81)-03-6261-7851
FAX: (81)-03-6261-7852


HP address:


Foundation Date:  15 May, 2002

Juridical person qualification Obtained
Date of Acquisition: 23 May ,2002

Acquisition Date of Authorized NPO:  20 May, 2008
Authorization Code : 11-118
Authorities in charge:Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Thousands and millions of mines are left as remnant of regional conflicts around the world, where lots of people and children are living in those areas under severe environments, losing their parents and even losing their own hands and feet.In September 2001, we established “Japan Mine Action Service” (JMAS) as voluntary organization and then started field research in Cambodia.  We concluded that, due to its danger and specialty, demining activities must be our duty.  We decided to establish the organization and started the demining project so as to embody Japanese sprit of sincereness by deed.In January 2002, JMAS contracted the agreement of mutual cooperation memorandum with Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC).  The same year April, we applied for Specific Non-Profit Organization entity and acquired the authorization of Tokyo Metropolitan Government as NPO on 23 May.“Japan Mine Action Service” (JMAS) was approved and established at the first general meeting of members held for the foundation in June 2002, and started UXO clearance activity in July.


JMAS contributes to the people who have been suffered from Landmines, UXOs and other explosive ordinances, by carrying out the projects to support the demining activities for accomplishment of their self reliant.

Field of activities:

  • Activities to promote social education
  • Activities to promote science, culture, art or sports
  • Activities to preserve environment
  • Disaster relief support
  • Local safe activities
  • Activities of protect human rights and peace-building
  • International cooperation activities
  • Give advice or assistance to organizations which carry out activities, mentionedbove, and support their administrations and operations.

Forms of activities:

  • Landmines, UXOs and other Explosive ordnance disposal support /cooperation project
  • The project to support and cooperate with locals for their improvement of living environment.
  • Support /cooperation for training of demining personnel.
  • R&D for demining instrument, procedure, and techniques.
  • PR activities by publication of periodicals, printed issues, etc. for policy proposals.
  • Promotion of arts, literature and traditional cultures.
  • Promotion of international cultural exchange and foreign languages.
  • Human-rights education, protection activities and promote peacebuildings.
  • Other activities in cooperation with various projects besides demining.

Now in action:  Cambodia(EOD and CBD), Lao PDR, Afghanistan,Angola,Pakistan.
Future Plan:    Vietnam

2. Organization

HQ Office, President:  Junji   SUZUKI (Mr.)  / Secretary General; Takahisa DOKO (Mr.)

HQ Office:   -Same as above-
Abroad Office: 1.Phnom Penh Cambodia.  2. Vientiane, Laos.  3. Islamabad, Pakistan.  4. Luanda, Angola

Staff: Total; 691
Salaried full-time member:  Inland-12,  Abroad-623 (Japanese 25,  Local-staff 598),
Salaried non full-time member: 0  (Inland-0,  Abroad-0)

Total Members:750
Numbers of Regular Members: 595     Corporate Members: 79 Corporations
Supporting Members: 76                          (as of July 31, 2010)

Abroad Main Support Group:
Cambodia      CMAC ( Cambodian Mine Action Center )
ASAC (Association of School Aid in Cambodia)
Lao               UXOLAO ( Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Program )
Denmark       DDG ( Danish Demining Group)
Angola           INAD ( National Institute for Demining )